I had a genuine high-energy experience during our session. I’ve had similar experiences in retreats but just a few times — where I am strongly surrounded in my energy body I don’t feel my physical body, and the energy is so strong it lifts my arms up, as if I have wings or something. Truly amazing. But the internal experience of light that filled my upper chakras 7, 8, and above was beautiful and strong. I simply felt CONNECTED to Source and then became feeling more opening in my heart; moving into love. There was a serene feeling throughout, with a pulling of awareness toward the larger FIELD … then an awareness of a large PRESENCE of loving being in the field which I felt was a connection to Michael Archangel in part b/c I’ve felt this presence before in a retreat. I am completely surrendered to love in this. So beautiful. And then my feet seemed lit up with energy that penetrated down into my field below my physical presence. This seems odd as I write this, but in the moment it was very strong and deepening. And healing feeling. …. Since this time, I have felt good. I feel clear. I feel whole and well. I slept really deep for two nights afterward. And feel I’m making loving decisions in my life with joy.