Meet Yelena

Yelena Brooks, Yelena Brooks: BioField Technology Health Coach and Doctor/PhD in Natural Medicine in training

Hello! My name is Yelena Brooks and I am the Founder & Creator of of R-Alchemy.  My calling is to serve both Humanity and the Divine through facilitating rejuvenation, reignition, and realignment for those seeking deeper healing and true self-actualization through spiritual rebirth!

I am a Life/DNA Activation Practitioner, Healer, and Teacher in the Lineage of King Salomon, trained and certified by the Modern Mystery School. I am also a certified Bio-Well Practitioner, Bio-Field Technology Health Coach, and training to receive my Doctorate/ Ph.D. in Natural Medicine through Quantum University.  My background includes a Master’s degree in Science along with several years in the medical field. I am currently based in Maumee, Ohio, but often travel to serve my community of clients all around the world!

I serve humanity with my authority, honor, integrity, and love representing the lineage and I am committed to share wisdom, knowledge and magick of this lineage, empowering others to tap into the answers that already exist within them.

My Mission as a Lightworker is to facilitate higher vibration and consciousness in my clients and students in order to create a positive impact on the collective, leading us all towards Peace and Harmony in our world.  Through deep healing and spiritual guidance, I am here to empower you to answer your higher calling, remind you who you truly are, and inspire you to live your purpose with Joy, Love, and LIGHT!

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