Meet Our Healers

R-Alchemy was created to serve you by awakening your own Divinity within. We are network of healers and coaches helping transform the Earth into a world of Peace, Harmony, and Prosperity for all.

Yelena Brooks, Yelena Brooks: BioField Technology Health Coach and Doctor/PhD in Natural Medicine in training
Yelena is the founder of R-Alchemy as a service to humanity and the Divine. Her calling is deep healing and spiritual coaching that facilitates rejuvenation, reignition, and realignment for those seeking self-actualization and spiritual rebirth.
Yelena is a Certified Life/DNA Activation Practitioner, Certified Healer and Teacher in the Lineage of King Salomon at the Modern Mystery School. She is a Certified Bio-Well Practitioner, Bio-Field Technology Health Coach and Doctor/Ph.D. Natural Medicine in training at Quantum University. Her background includes a Master’s Degree in Science along with several years in the medical field as a Neurovascular / Transcranial Doppler Technician.
Yelena’s mission as a Lightworker is to raise vibrations and to create a positive impact on the collective to build Peace and Harmony in our world. Through healing and guidance, she empowers those who are seeking answers to their high calling and inspires them to live their life with Joy and Happiness.
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