Ensofic Reiki ™
This powerful hands-on healing modality clears negative thoughts and patterns with the Ensofic Ray, which is the highest, brightest and most powerful ray of energy. It is the 1st ray of creation and it penetrates right to the core to activate the codes of divinity within you.
This healing modality helps you feel more connected to Oneness and feel Whole by destroying physical, mental, and emotional imbalances.  It serves to restore and harmonize your body with high vibrational energy so you can create a full LIFE resolved of conflict.

$150/single session

$360 for 3 session package

Aura Clearing: Shamanic

This Shamanic healing is a very gentle clearing of the aura, using the earthly energies and the Sutra of the Heart. It clears your aura from unwanted negative energies, seals and heals your etheric field to increase protection, restore and boost your body with light, vitality, joy, and peace. This session is great for clearing away persistent mental negativity and energetic heaviness that comes from the environments and spheres you spend time in.

Energy Exchange $153

Life Activation
The Life Activation is a powerful session that allows a new vital energy (Light) to flow into your physical and spiritual DNA. It awakens your original blueprint and opens doors to your potentials, latent talents, and divine power. 
This ancient tool activates the process of releasing old unconscious patterns, leading you to feel fulfillment in your life and become in alignment with your purpose. Additional benefits reported from clients include: inflammation and pain reduction, mental clarity and positive thinking, feeling of harmony and lightness, and so much more. 
Energy Exchange $255
Crystal Healing

Through Crystal healing modality from the lineage of King Salomon, using power and magic of crystals, helps you heal in many different areas. During this session, crystals are placed on specific points on the body to activate healing power within you. Potential benefits include the following: physical healing, relief of mental and emotional distress, grounding, calming and clearing your mind, balancing emotions, enhancing libido, empowerment and more.

Energy Exchange: $99

Home & Space Gridding

Crystal Grid and Space Blessing is a powerful ancient tool to create a sacred and safe space by bringing positive energy, Light, protection, and clearing lower vibrations and negativity. The energy created by these techniques will transform your place into an area of joy and harmony, where you can create, relax, feel uplifted, and secure.

Crystal Grid and Blessing is a great benefit prior to moving into a new home or workspace. For example, for an Art Studio to bring elevated energy of harmony and balance to create High Vibrational Art, or a Spa that benefits from this ancient technique to facilitate a relaxing, joyful, healing environment and abundance.

Schedule a free consultation where you can ask questions and learn more about this sacred process.

Energy Healings

Full Spirit Activation  $255

The Full Spirit Activation is the next level of activation that enhances the connection with your soul. This advanced activation awakens your superpower and increases your awareness to the physical experience. By awakening different parts of the brain (“old brain”, Pineal and Pituitary glands), it enhances your nervous system and  heightens physical senses, amplifies intuition, helps to provide clarity in your life purpose. Those that experience Full Spirit Activation feel more Alive and Joy.

Spark of Life Distance Healing $153

The Spark of Life is a very powerful remote healing. During this session, the practitioner accesses the original Divine Spark and channels its light to the recipient. At this point, healing can take place. This unique healing modality was used by high priests and priestesses to keep their energy high between the times when they were in the temple. In the midst of a pandemic, the Spark of Life is ideal and can reach the recipient at anywhere on the planet. 
Permission and coordination are required for this healing to have its full benefit.

Soul Retrieval $225

The Soul Retrieval is Shamanic healing and restores the feeling of Oneness by retrieving the pieces of your soul that break away through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma, as well as events, concepts, conditioning, and programming that are not revealed in our consciousness. As these pieces reunite with your soul, deep wounds can finally heal.  As more Light flows in your life, a renewed sense of connection and inner peace empowers you to see the world, and your place in it, through brand new eyes.
Chakra and Tree of Life Awakening from the Lineage of King Salomon $111
This ancient healing modality helps to release negative energy blockages and brings Light and Positive Energy by awakening chakras and the Tree of Life.  This helps increase your  Energy and Vitality. Potential benefits may include Feeling Lighter, more Positive, and Increased Energy and Vitality 
Max Meditation System™

“Meditating is a means for you to move beyond your analytical mind so that you can access your subconscious mind. That’s crucial since the subconscious is where all your bad habits and behaviors that you want to change reside.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

Transform your state of being by re-wiring your brain and nervous system through practicing the Max Meditation System™ – a lineage system of guided meditation that is both simple and highly effective.  Offered both virtually and in-person.

Message me to find out when the next Max Meditation System™ class is happening!

Your Transformation!

“Yelena is a beautiful soul and my DNA activation with her was amazing. I’ve had very profound shifts in my consciousness and I’m so grateful, I was blessed to spend such special time with her. Blessings Sister!!” – Jennifer


 I had a genuine high energy experience during our session. I’ve had similar experience in retreats but just a few times — where I am strongly surrounded in my energy body I don’t feel my physical body, and the energy is so strong it lifts my arms up, as if I have wings or something. Truly amazing. But the internal experience of light that filled my upper chakras 7, 8 and above was beautiful and strong. I simply felt CONNECTED to Source and then became feeling more opening in my heart; moving into love.

There was a serene feeling throughout, with a pulling of awareness toward the larger FIELD … then an awareness of large PRESENCE of loving being in the field which I felt was connection to Michael Archangel in part b/c I’ve felt this presence before in a retreat. I am completely surrendered to love in this. So beautiful. And then my feet seemed lit up with energy that penetrated down into my field below my physical presence. This seems odd as I write this but in the moment it was very strong and deepening. And healing feeling.

Since this time I have felt good. I feel clear. I feel whole and well. I slept really deep for two nights afterwards. And feel I’m making loving decisions in my life with joy. – Deborah R.


“I received a Life Activation from Yelena, and it was an amazing experience. During the session I felt a lot of energy running through my body and the days that followed I experienced lucid dreaming and received a lot of information and messages in my dreams, one of the best experiences was seeing myself in the future smiling back at me letting me know that I am loved and that I am worthy. Ever since our session I feel more connected to something greater than me and I feel divinely guided in life.” – Lou


My life took an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with a contagious skin disorder, and despite multiple doctor appointments and antibiotics, my condition only worsened. Desperate for relief, I decided to explore an alternative holistic approach, and that’s when I came across Yelena and Ensofic Ray Reiki. 

From the very first session, I knew I was onto something powerful. After just one session, some of the lesions began to disappear, filling me with hope and renewed faith in the healing process. But the true miracle happened during the second session when I felt an incredible shift within me—the pain that had been tormenting me for so long started to fade away, leaving me in awe of the power of this ancient healing modality. 

The very next day, I visited another doctor for a second opinion, and to my sheer delight, I received a completely different diagnosis – NO contagious skin disorder!  It was like a dream come true. 

I can’t express enough gratitude for the incredible transformation I experienced with my amazing practitioner, Yelena.  I wholeheartedly recommend receiving all 3 sessions of Ensofic Ray Reiki to anyone seeking profound healing and transformation – it truly works wonders! – AM

How R-Alchemy was Born

R-Alchemy is not just a name.  It encapsulates a profound truth that resonated with unwavering clarity during a meditation journey from which this website and mission came to me.  It serves as a reminder of the alchemical power residing within each of us, emphasizing our roles as the architects of our own destinies.

The letter “R” within R-Alchemy symbolizes a multitude of alchemical processes—rejuvenation, realignment, resignation, renewal, and transformation. It represents the very essence of alchemy, the ancient art of transmuting the mundane into the extraordinary, underlining our innate capacity to mold our lives into something precious and profound.

And the accompanying symbols in my logo are not mere drawings; they are a sacred geometrical language of wisdom, etched into my consciousness. They serve as hieroglyphs of personal growth, unlocking the doors to our inner potential.

R-Alchemy is far more than a website; it stands as a digital sanctuary for kindred souls seeking transformation. Here, we collectively explore our inner alchemy, tap into our creative wellsprings, and embark on journeys of self-discovery and renewal.

Every visit to R-Alchemy offers an opportunity to embrace the magic of healing and knowledge, available through the offered classes, healings and meditation practices. It allows us to harness the boundless potential of the human mind and craft extraordinary life stories from the canvas of the ordinary.

As the guardian of this sacred digital realm, I extend a warm invitation to you to join me on this transformative journey. Let R-Alchemy be your guiding light, a constant reminder that we are all alchemists of our lives, capable of creating magic, and that our alchemical journey commences right here, right now, within these digital pages.

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Meet Yelena, Founder of R-Alchemy

“Activate the alchemist within you and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.” – Yelena Brooks


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