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Unlock the power of Bio-Well technology – a revolutionary tool that peers into the depths of your energy field. Through this cutting-edge technology, I can proactively identify and address energetic imbalances before they manifest as physical ailments, offering you a preemptive path to well-being. Gain valuable insights into your stress levels, energy reserves, chakra system vitality, meridian pathways, and much, much more!


I highly recommend pairing a Bio-Well Scan with your energy healing session with me to provide tangible evidence of the profound effects these sessions have on your stress reduction and overall health enhancement. It’s the bridge that connects the world of energy work with scientific validation!

Bio-Well camera


Using the principles of Electro Photonic Imaging (EPI) or Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV), Bio-Well technology is a completely non-invasive way to examine your energy field for potential disruptions, imbalances, and accumulations of energy.  This allows me to identify and address imbalances in the energetic body at an early stage before they physically manifest as disease and illness.


GDV Technique for electro-photonic emissions

As a certified Bio-Field Technology Health Coach, I highly recommend incorporating a Bio-Well Scan into your energy healing session and/or classes with me. This remarkable technology allows us to measure and create a visual representation of the subtle energy changes that occur before and after the application of the healing modalities and esoteric teachings from the King Salomon lineage.

Before we begin the healing session/class, we’ll conduct a baseline Bio-Well Scan to capture your current energy state. This provides us with valuable insights into your energetic imbalances, blockages, and areas that require attention. It serves as a starting point to understand your energy field. Then, once the healing session/class is complete, we’ll perform another Bio-Well Scan to assess the changes in your energy field. This post-session measurement allows us to objectively observe and quantify the energetic shifts that have taken place during the healing process. It provides tangible evidence of the transformation that has occurred on an energetic level.

By comparing the before and after Bio-Well Scans, we can gain a deeper understanding of how these powerful healing modalities and deeper teachings have influenced your energy field. This not only enhances your awareness of the subtle energy changes but also reinforces the effectiveness of the King Salomon lineage healing techniques.

GDV chakra balance chart

The Bio-Well scan is swift and non-intrusive, involving a brief electrical stimulation at your fingertips. The response triggers a gentle gas discharge, captured by a camera and translated into revealing graphical representations for analysis. This groundbreaking technology, rooted in acupuncture points, draws upon two decades of clinical experience and thousands of patient interactions.

I am deeply grateful for the wisdom and transformative experiences that Bio-Well has bestowed upon me. My passion lies in sharing this profound tool with you and anyone on a holistic healing and transformation journey.

Embark on this enlightening experience with Bio-Well technology.

To learn more and immerse yourself in its wonders, reach out to me today!

Cost: $200

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