Bio-Well Scan

Bio-Well Scan is a non-invasive modality in which the practitioner works with a client’s Bio-Field, a subtle energy field that surrounds the body to stimulate the body’s innate healing response.

Bio-Well camera

What is Bio-Well GDV Camera?

Bio-Well is a revolutionary tool based on Electro- Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization technique (Kirlian effect) made specially for expressassessment of the energetic state of a person. Interpretation of the scans is based on Acupuncture points concept, Auyrveda and many scientific and clinical researches made throughout 20 years. It is fast, visual, reliable and easy to use. Bio-Well has been developed by an international team led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.

The Technology: GDV Technique

GDV Technique for electro-photonic emissions

GDV Technique is the computer registration and analysis of electro-photonic emissions of different objects, including biological (specifically the human fingers) resulting from placing the object in the high-intensity electromagnetic field on the device lens.

When a scan is conducted, a weak electrical current is applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The object’s response to this stimulus is the formation of an electronic emission. The electrons emission stimulates gas discharge (glow) that is captured by the video camera and then translated and transmitted back in graphical representations for further analysis.

GDV chakra balance chart

The image, which we create in Bio-Well instrument, is based on idea of Acupuncture points concept and verified by 20 years of clinical experience by hundreds of practitioners with many thousands of patients. The scanning process is quick, easy and non-intrusive… do it daily for best results! Get real time feedback on what factors – positive and negative – affect your stress and energy state. Bio-Well is not a medical instrument. It provides an impression of your energy and stress levels and allows users to see their day-to-day transformation and the influence of different situations and stimuli. Friendly software makes data processing simple and convenient for non-experienced users.

Cost: $200: 4 hours

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